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John Brown is a leading authority on bloodstock and has extensive experience.

He has operated in the bloodstock industry as a professional since 1977. John was Manager for NSW for Dalgety Bloodstock before forming John Brown Bloodstock and has a lifetime of association and involvement in the Australian industry.

His achievements have spanned the length of his career with notable events being twice chosen to represent the Australian Bloodstock Industry on official Australian Government trade missions to the Middle East, and Selecting and purchasing Cossack Warrior as the foundation sire for Emirates Park.

John was instrumental in bringing His Excellency Nasser Lootah from Dubai to invest in Australian Racing. Accomplishing the feat of purchasing and initially managing Emirates Park Stud for him.

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Make Your Own Detox Tea

Make Your Own Detox Tea

Every day we are exposed to toxic chemicals in our environment. They are found in air pollution, cleaning products, and even our food. Built-up toxins in your body often lead to a multitude of health problems. They also make it hard to lose weight because the liver has to overwork to try to remove them. Over time, it becomes bogged down and simply doesn’t function as well as it did before. Toxins can also effect your kidneys too, which leads to water retention that can make you feel bloated and constipated. Luckily, there is a solution though. Sipping your own homemade detox tea at Revive Me Tea can help flush out the toxins and leave you feeling lighter and more energized.

You can use either fresh or dried herbs to make detox tea. It isn’t always easy to find fresh versions of herbs that detoxify though, so most people choose the dried versions. Begin by heating up a pan of about four cups of distilled water. Regular tap water is full of chlorine and other chemicals, so it is best to avoid it during this detoxification period. When the water is hot (but not boiling) add in a teaspoon of each of the following detox tea herbs:

-Fennel Seed
-Licorice Root
-Psyllium Seed

After you add the herbs, turn off the heat. Let them steep in the water for about 15 minutes or so. Then, strain out any that have not completely dissolved. This detox tea begins working very quickly. Once it is cooled down, you can drink it. Avoid adding sugar. If you have any health problems, be sure you check with your doctor to make sure the detox tea ingredients will not interfere with any medications that you might be taking.

Youth Insearch Reaches Out To Young People

Youth Insearch Reaches Out To Young People

The Youth Insearch program was established to offer intervention for the young people of Australia. More now than ever before, young people are exposed to physical and emotional abuse, death and grief, violence both domestic and sexual. They often find their struggle is with getting an education, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse. They aren’t able to enjoy the youth of their life.

Youth Insearch has a well established program that can offer intervention early on and allow the young people to at least have a choice to make their life better. Some young people really don’t know there is a better way. Allowing them to have someone to talk to, makes a difference in their life.

In 1985 a solution, Youth Insearch was founded by the young people themselves. They identified their needs to:

  • Have a safe place to talk about their problems without judgment
  • Knowing they are not alone
  • Finding another answer instead of suicide
  • Share in the pain and joy of each participant
  • Be offered guidance
  • Empowering them with the right tools to solve their own problems

Pain affects people in different ways. The Youth Insearch program helps young people to face the pain in the presence of their groups and peers. A lot of them have the same problems and being able to share that in an controlled environment, helps them face the real problem. The program allows them to share their deepest darkest secret without judgment. Knowing they have an alternative makes a radical difference how they perceive the future. Being able to deal immediately with issues as they appear, means they are presented with a choice.

Youth Insearch leaders come from a diverse background, which allows them to be more sensitive to the young people.

Heath Ducker Came Up Hard

Author Heath Ducker Came Up Hard
Heath Ducker, who is the author of the autobiography, A Room At The Top, grew up in Sydney, Australia. He was one of 10 impoverished children; most of whom had different fathers. His mother had some deep emotional issues. At 12 he was molested by a friend’s father, someone he trusted. Despite his harsh upbringing, he survived and made good in a bad situation. He was saved by joining a group called Youth Insearch. It is a non-profit community organization that helps teenagers. They teach intervention skills and provide ongoing counselling. Heath Ducker is now CEO of that group.

From Antisocial to Future Leaders is the motto of Youth Insearch. The peer-focused group led Heath Ducker to believe that his situation was not unique. Many other people survive horrendous situations. Also he began to see solutions for escaping the poverty and brutality himself. It was within his own power to make the decisions that outlined his life. He began by educating himself. He wrote his autobiography at age 27. Heath Ducker became a lawyer with the clear intent of changing social inequities.

All the while he stayed with Youth Insearch. First, he became a peer counselor, and then he became manager of a large group of volunteers. He credits it with saving his life because it gave him a new direction. He is now 31 years old. Heath Ducker became a crusader for social justice because he lived such a downtrodden life in his childhood. He overcame his childhood and did not let it defeat or demean him. Today he is an exemplary role model for disadvantaged kids.

Flat Design in Website Design Melbourne

Flat Design in Website Design Melbourne

Today it is very easy to come up with a good website without any previous programming skills required. Website design Melbourne is quickly gaining popularity among programmers and non-programmers. This is because there are many tools that help one to build their website. These tools come with free website templates. This makes it easy for anybody with basic programming skills to come up with an excellent web platform.

With website design Melbourne companies charging high prices for services rendered, it is important to learn how to build these websites personally. This can save one a lot of time and resources otherwise used to pay companies that end up using these platforms in the first place. These platforms allow people to build their own websites free of charge and be able to host them on their own sub-domains also free.

Use of flat design

Website design Melbourne at GMG Web community is abuzz with flat design and its many applications to the world of programming. This means that the style used is a distinct 2D. It works without using any embellishments like bevels, gradients, drop shadows or embossing. It does not use any tool that adds to the depth of the program. There is no effort whatsoever used in making any element of the design look realistic. This includes crisp elements of imagery, tools of navigation and buttons.

Characteristics of Flat website Design Melbourne

 It uses simple UI elements including icons and buttons. This simplicity makes use of basic shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. This allows them to stand out and demand attention on their own. They are also very easy to use in terms of tapping or clicking on them with a mouse.
 It is important for one to use bright color palettes. This can use up to eight colors while others focus on only three.
 It allows added typography focus. The fact that flat design uses very simple and basic elements, typography takes the center stage. To ensure its importance, it is given a consistent tone. This ought to remain in tandem with the website design.
 It is very important to use a minimalist approach in your design and avoid extra elements.

Flat design is simple and easy to use. Designers prefer it because of its simplicity. Website design Melbourne is simplified using this modern approach.